Who says I don’t have the Christmas Spirit!? So I was tidying up my office yesterday and I was sarcastically humming “Deck the Halls” to myself. It was sassy, and a little snotty, but it was still a Christmas song. I turn around and standing in my office doorway are my wife and daughter. Both intently staring at me as if I had grown a third eye and tail! I looked back…and then started loudly singing “THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN!!”


Hey! It's that time of year again! Time to send out holiday greetings to friends and loved ones! For everyone else, how about something from the Jim8ball Designs Creepy Christmas Collection? Vintage looking Christmas Cards with greetings inside that will make people say - "what the hell is wrong with you?!?" Pick them up at my etsy shop or #Cinch in Cortland NY

Every time I go to Disney World I visit this art store in Downtown Disney and there is always someone there drawing Disney characters. They start with a preprinted sheet of a Disney character and then using colored pencils, trace the pre printed sheet and add color until they have an original one of a kind piece! I’m fascinated by the procedure and though the technique I’m using is a little different, I still like the end result. I just posted this drawing of Peter and Wendy in my Etsy shop and if you would like to make it yours you can get it HERE!!

 Just added to my Etsy shop! Original one of a kind Dr. Fate drawing!

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 Halloween is just around the corner but it's not too late to send out ghostly greetings to your friends and loved ones! Float on over to my etsy shop and pick up this ghastly greeting card and send out your own ghoulish salutations! As our favorite spider Charlotte likes to say, that's a fancy way to say hello!

Get a single card for $3.25 or a set of 5 for $10.25


#jim8balldesigns was at the #lafayetteapplefestival this past weekend! I had signed up for the show back in 2019, but then of course Covid hit and everything was canceled. I normally do caricatures at this show, but again, Covid. I haven’t been focusing on that part of my business in a while. I could have let the booth go and chalked it up to another lost show, but instead, I decided to gather up my prints and Creepy Christmas Cards and endeavor to recoup the booth fee. I’m happy to say, not only did I make my money back, but I crushed it! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table ( accept for the one lady who got in my face to tell me Jesus loves me) who bought prints, cards, baby bottles or t-shirts! Also, thanks to Kati Coon for helping me and sitting with me Sunday! If you missed the Applefest and want to get your hands on some J8BD merch, click on the buttons at the right to be whisked away to my Etsy or Tee Spring shop!

Better late than never! Now that it’s up though, I’m wondering if it’s just stating the obvious about the Coon family? Watch for more as the performers fill the stage in the coming days leading up to Halloween! Strange performers, oddities from the 8 corners of the globe! Come see the FREAKS!!!!!

 You can pick up this cool Halloween Cat Sticker for $3.25 with free shipping at my Etsy Shop!

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 If you are in the Cortland Homer Area in October, be sure to stop by the Center for the Arts of Homer for the 39th annual Chiller Haunted House!